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Compass is your key!

To travel on SkyTrain, SeaBus or West Coast Express, you need a Compass Card or Compass Ticket to open fare gates or to tap on a station validator.

You can keep using cash, bus transfers and FareSavers on buses, but you'll need Compass to transfer to rail or SeaBus.

Find out where to buy Compass.


If you have a Compass Card or Compass Ticket, you can transfer across bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus on a single fare for up to 90 minutes (120 minutes with a West Coast Express fare), as long as your fare includes the number of zones you intend to travel on SkyTrain and SeaBus. To upgrade your fare for extra zone travel, please see the AddFare information below.

If you pay with cash, a bus transfer or a FareSaver (no longer sold) on the bus, you can transfer to other buses on that same single fare for up to 90 minutes. When paying with cash on a Community Shuttle (small bus), you'll be given a paper bus transfer. These bus transfers can't be tapped and need to be presented to the operator when transferring to a different bus.

Upgrading with an AddFare

If you’re travelling with Stored Value, or a Monthly Pass (with Stored Value) on a Compass Card, the system will calculate your fare for you. If you’re travelling with a Compass Ticket, make sure you purchase the correct fare for the zones you intend to travel in before crossing zone boundaries.

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