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Where to Buy

Compass Cards

You must have a Compass Card to purchase and load Monthly Passes and Stored Value. DayPasses can be loaded onto a Compass Card or purchased as an electronic Compass Ticket.

You can purchase a Compass Card at Compass Vending Machines*, online at, by calling 604.398.2042, at Compass Retailers, or in person at the Compass Customer Service Centre at Stadium-Chinatown Station or the West Coast Express Office at Waterfront Station.

*Please note: Concession Compass Cards are not available at Compass Vending Machines. 

Compass Tickets

Single-use Compass Tickets or Compass DayPass Tickets can be purchased from any Compass Vending Machine. Compass DayPass Tickets are also available at select Compass Retailers.

Please note: Compass Tickets (including Compass DayPass Tickets) purchased from a Compass Vending Machine are valid only on the day they are purchased and expire at 4 a.m. even if un-used.


FareDealer Administration
Location Mailing Address
Compass Customer Service Centre
Unit 1 - 590 Beatty Street (Stadium-Chinatown Station)
Vancouver BC, V6B 2L3
T: 604.453.4490
Compass Customer Service Centre
Unit 1 - 590 Beatty Street
Vancouver BC, V6B 2L3

For more information, including a map of FareDealer locations, visit the Where to Buy page on the full TransLink website.

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