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We continue to salt and sand bus loops and SkyTrain stations, but please use caution in these areas and remember to dress warmly in anticipation of potential delays.

Expect extra crowding on some routes To provide improved traction, many articulated buses may be switched with standard, 40 foot buses. This will mean some modified service, with increased crowding and the possibility of passups in some areas.

HandyDART is currently operating regular service, but is experiencing delays in the Tri-City and Vancouver areas.

Expo and Millennium Lines are running consistently, but with reduced frequency due to the need to have staff on each train to watch for weather-related problems on the tracks. Please be prepared to wait longer on the platform between trains.


Favourites and Search History are available for Next Bus and Trip Planner.

Search History provides you with the last ten searches in Next Bus or Trip Planner.

You can store up to 99 favourites each for Next Bus and Trip Planner.

Favourites can be bus stops, bus routes or origin/destination pairs from Trip Planner.

To save a favourite in Next Bus, search for a bus route or stop and click on the Favs icon in the top menu bar.

To save a favourite in Trip Planner, run a trip and then click the "Add to Favourites" button.

You can rename a favourite by clicking the "Edit" button and typing in a new name. Names have a 168 character limit.

Note: cookies are required to save favourites. If you clear your cookies, you'll lose your favourites. 

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