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Next Bus

Next Bus lets you search by route number, bus stop number or your current location (if you have a GPS-enabled phone). You can also browse a list of all routes or look up your stop number (the 5-digit bus stop # printed in yellow at the top of every bus stop sign). Use Favourites to save your routes and stops for easy access next time you need them.

You can access Next Bus via a mobile smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Watch our video to learn more about Next Bus and TransLink's mobile website. If you have any questions you can check out our FAQ below, or send us feedback.

  • How It Works

    Using satellite tracking on buses, Next Bus gives you real-time transit information by estimating when the next vehicle will depart, based on its last reported location.

    A bus' reported location will update a minimum of every 120 seconds, or when a bus passes its stop or picks up passengers and departs from a stop.

    If it can't make an accurate prediction, Next Bus will show the scheduled departure time instead, denoted by an *.

    Using Map View

    On the map, bus stops are noted by a "T" symbol, and stops can only be seen at specific zoom levels in order to reduce map clutter. You can access information for any bus stop by clicking on the stop itself ("T" symbol), even if that's not the stop you initially searched for. Click on any bus route number in a Next Bus bubble to have that bus' route display on the map.


    When searching by route, the possible paths a bus can take to a destination will display as a blue line. Some routes have multiple possible paths to a destination, so don't be alarmed if you see a bus off the route! When you click on a bus, the path that particular bus is on will turn orange, any other bus driving that path (in the same direction) will become orange, and any stop serviced by that path will also turn orange. The other paths, as well as any buses or stops not using/servicing the path you've selected, will remain blue (orange paths are layered on top of the blue path, so you might not see the entire blue line anymore).

    If you click on a bus icon, you'll see the destination sign indicating where that bus is going (e.g. 29th Ave Stn) and the orange line will indicate the path by which it gets to that destination.

    Check out the example below using the #16 route. The possible paths are blue, and the particular path chosen is displayed in orange. Bus stops that this path serves are also orange. The blue bus sitting on the orange path is travelling in the opposite direction of the selected orange bus.



    To favourite a stop or route, click on the Favourites icon in the menu bar at the top of either the map or text view. Note: if you clear your cache or cookies, your favourites will be deleted.


    Re-Routes and Disruptions
    Planned transit service disruptions, re-routes due to construction and special events aren't always available in Next Bus. For the most up-to-date service disruption details, visit our Alerts section.

    Express Buses (B-Line)
    Express buses will generally receive location updates less frequently than regular buses, so make sure to give yourself extra time to catch an express bus.

    Device support
    Next Bus supports iPhone, iPad and Android devices. 

  • Developer API

    TransLink has a Next Bus API (Application Programming Interface) available to the transit development community as an open source product. This enables software developers to build custom mobile applications and websites. For more information regarding the TransLink Open API, go to or to provide feedback, visit TransLink's Google Group.

    TransLink is also partnering with Google's Live Transit Updates program, and will use the GTFS-realtime specification to upgrade the currently scheduled transit data to real-time data on Google Transit.

  • Tips & Tricks

    Refresh Next Bus often to make sure the vehicle isn't running faster or slower than when you last checked.

    Estimated departure times are auto-refreshed every 30 seconds in both map and text view, so it's best to arrive 5 minutes prior to your estimated departure time.

    "Now" is only accurate within a two minute window, 90% of the time. When a bus is due to depart in two minutes or less from a stop, the system will display the message "now", but it may not have shown up at the stop yet. The time might also still say "now" 20 to 30 seconds after the bus has already departed from the stop.

    Use the Preferences section to choose how your departure times are displayed (countdown (default) or clock time, e.g. 10:25 a.m.), or to change the Next Bus homepage search default from text to map view.

    Save routes and stops to Favourites if you use Next Bus often. It'll save you time.

    If a scheduled bus doesn't arrive at your stop, check transit Alerts, follow @TransLink (bonus tip: critical alerts, and our Twitter feed, are posted on the homepage) or call Customer Information at 604.953.3333. Note: re-routes and diversions are not consistently integrated into Next Bus

  • FAQ

    Q: Why is my screen blank in map or text view when I search for routes or bus stops? Why can't I save my preferences? Why can't I save my favourites?
    A: Your browser must be set to accept cookies in order to display valid search results/departure times or to save preferences and favourites.


    Q: Why can't I get my current GPS location?

    A: You must enable GPS location for your phone and reset the location access message, if applicable. The first time you use Next Bus in your mobile browser, you're prompted to "Allow" Next Bus to use your location. If you opted out, you can clear your location settings to receive the prompt again, and allow Next Bus to access your location.


    Q: My bus shows as departing "now". Why isn’t the bus at my stop?

    A: When a bus is due to depart in two minutes or less from a stop, the system will display the message "now". Your bus might not have shown up yet, or it might have already left.


    Q: In map view my bus doesn’t match the estimated time for my stop.
    A: The estimated times in text view are generally more accurate than the bus positions in map view. The bus positions in map view are updated less frequently than the estimated times in text view.


    Q: Why did a bus that I saw on the street not show up on Next Bus?
    A: The GPS or wireless communications hardware on the bus might be malfunctioning and not communicating with the Next Bus system. Scheduled times* will appear if the GPS or wireless communications hardware is off-line.

    Feedback will help us make improvements. If you experience this or any other problem, let us know!


    Q: When will SMS real-time updates be available?
    A: Next Bus SMS now reports real-time updates!

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