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Trip Planner

  • How It Works

    Enter your origin (start) and destination (end) locations to help find the best way to get you where you need to go. You can manually enter a location, or you can chose from a set list of locations.

    You can plan a trip you're taking today, or a trip you're taking a week from now, and you can set the time you want to arrive at your destination, or the time you want to leave your start point.

    You can also select your fare type (adult or concession), because the Trip Planner results will also tell you how much your trip will cost.

    Other options include advanced search settings which let you sort your results to suit your needs, allow more walking or show trips that don’t use SkyTrain.

    Once you get trip results, you can save your origin/destination pair as a favourite so you can easily run the trip again for a different day and time.

    See our Tips & Tricks section below for more info on how you can make the most out of the Trip Planner tool.

  • Tips & Tricks

    Make sure you select the right date and time. Some buses run on different routes and use different stops depending on the day and time, and your fare can be affected by these parameters too.

    Sometimes, the Trip Planner won't automatically recognize the location you've entered. It will provide you with the closest matches in the system for you to choose from.

    Use the "Search Settings" section to get trip results that meet your needs. Sort your trip results by trip time, walking distance or number of transfers (default is trip time). Use the advanced search settings drop-down menu to set specific parameters for your search. You can ask for trips that: have wheelchair access, have bike accessibility, allow more walking, don't use SkyTrain or don't use West Coast Express. (Default is no advanced options.)

    Trip Planner will provide you with up to five different trip options to choose from.

    • Click on the "Add to Favourites" button at the bottom to favourite your start and end points.
    • Click on each "Trip Option" bar to see high-level trip info, and then click "View Details" to see the step-by-step info for that trip, including transfer details and bus destination signs.
    • If you click on "Return Trip", it will start your search over, but flip your start and end points. You’ll have to re-enter your date and time, and reset any advanced search settings.

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