Safety and Security

Transit Police, in addition to transit security, system attendants and operators, all work together to ensure your safety. Below are some of the safety features you can find on the system:

Bus: From 9 p.m. – 5 a.m. you can request to get off the bus in between stops. The driver will let you off if they believe it's safe to do so. Note: you can’t "Request A Stop" along an express or limited-stop portion of a route.
SkyTrain: There are a few safety features on the SkyTrain, including the silent alarm (yellow strip); on-train speakerphone to talk to SkyTrain control, in-station emergency cabinets and, closed-circuit TV.
Mobile: Download our free OnDuty application for iPhone and Android or text (SMS) 87.77.77 to report non-emergency incidents. Visit the See Something page on the Transit Police website for details. To contact Transit Police call 604.515.8300.

Check out the Safety & Security page on the full site for more information.

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